frequently asked questions


How old do I have to be to adopt from ACE?

 At APFA, we ask that you be at least 25 years old to adopt. 

What is your adoption process?

 At a Place for Ace, we strive to match the right dog with the right family to ensure that every dog will live his or her best life, for the rest of their life, in their forever home. This means we may receive and process more than one application for a dog. If we have two perfect homes for a dog, then we revert to the first processed. Therefore, the best thing to do is complete your application and submit it as soon as you know you have interest in adopting. The process will include:

  • A phone interview with an adoption coordinator
  • Personal reference check
  • Veterinary reference check, if applicable
  • A home visit
  • A meet and greet with the potential adoptee 

*Please note we do not adopt to homes with electric fences. If you have a pool, it needs to be contained by a fence or other structure for the safety of the dog.

How long will the process take?

 The processing time will vary depending on availability of our volunteers. However, it is reasonably fast, so if you apply for a specific dog, you should be ready to welcome that dog into your home when you apply as we cannot hold dogs for anyone.

How much is the adoption fee? What does it cover?

 Our fee varies between $400 and $595 depending on the age of the dog you are adopting.   

Ace is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit, foster-based, volunteer run rescue. We operate solely on adoption fees, donations and fundraisers. Our adoption fees help cover the cost of pulling the dogs down south, having them fully vetted, transported up north and any cost that occur while in the foster homes. All dogs are spayed or neutered, heart worm tested and up to date on age appropriate vaccines. *Please note we do not adopt to homes with electric fence

Can I adopt a rescue if I have other dogs in my home?

 Yes. Unless we have noted that a particular dog needs to be the only pet, dogs are pack animals and tend to enjoy having other dog siblings. However, all other dogs in the home must be spayed or neutered and up to date on all vaccinations. We will request your vets information to do a vet check as part of the adoption process. 

What about cats?

 Cats can be tricky, but lots of dogs and cats get along just fine. If an Ace dog has been tested with cats, we will provide that information. If you would like a certain dog tested with cats, you can email and we will try to accommodate this for you.


Can I meet the dog before I make my decision?

 Yes. We encourage meet and greets with all members of the family if possible. We have amazing fosters who will also be happy to talk with you about the dog so that we can find the best fit possible. 

What if the dog I wanted gets adopted by someone else?

 At APFA, our top priority is the happiness and safety of our rescue dogs. We strive to place the dogs in the home that is the best possible fit for everyone involved, but we are always just about to save another dog. Our experienced coordinators will work with you to find your perfect forever friend! 



How old do I have to be to Foster For A Place For Ace?

  You must be 25 years old or older to foster for A Place for Ace

If I have pets of my own, can I still Foster?

 Yes. As long as all cats and dogs living in the house are up to date on shots and altered. You will be asked to provide your Vet’s information on the application.

Can foster parents adopt their foster pets?

 Yes!  As long as foster parents meet the requirements that are necessary for adopting, A Place for Ace has policies to accommodate foster to adopt on a case by case basis. 

Are foster animals contagious?

All of our dogs are up to date on vaccinations and yours should be too! However, we cannot guarantee anything because dogs are exposed to many elements like vet waiting room areas, but safety is our top priority and we take it very seriously. We try very hard to keep all our dogs as healthy as possible.

What will I need to supply for my Foster dog?

 A little kibble and a lot of love!! A Place for Ace will provide all other supplies and pay for any vet care needed while you foster is living in your home.

Are purchases made for foster care tax-deductible?

 Yes, purchases made for foster care may be considered donations and would be tax-deductible so keep your receipts.


What do I do if my foster animal needs veterinary care?

If your foster dog needs veterinary care, we ask that you contact the Forster Coordinator directly and you will be instructed as to what you need to do next. If it is an emergency and you cannot reach your foster coordinator, take you foster to the nearest animal hospital and get in touch with the foster coordinator as soon as possible. 

What if I can no longer foster before the dog is adopted?

 We ask that you immediately contact the Foster Coordinator and give A Place for Ace one week to find a suitable alternative for the foster dog.

Will I be expected to train my foster dog?

We ask that all fosters address basic manners with their foster dogs and attempt to house break them if needed. Should any larger behavioral issues present, please inform your Foster Coordinator and we will arrange for a qualified trainer to evaluate the situation. 

Will I be expected to bring my foster to events?

 Yes. We ask that you bring your foster to at least one A Place for Ace event a month. The more exposure a dog gets, the better chance he has of finding his forever home. If for some reason you cannot bring your foster to an event, we expect the foster to be made available for pick up by an A Place for Ace volunteer if necessary.   

Can't foster or adopt? Please consider a donation!

Donations and volunteer work are just as important as fostering and adopting! Please consider donating -- no amount is too small! Each donation will help us rescue more dogs!